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5 Things I Love About My Job

I am blessed to have a job that I love. Each day is a chance to succeed and I am truly thankful that I decided to enter the insurance industry in the first place.

I ended up in the industry like many others: accidentally. It was the summer after I graduated high school and I was sleeping in as most 18-year-old girls do. I received a call from my mother who worked for a local insurance agency. She was frantic, telling me to hurry up and get dressed because the agency was looking for a new service rep and she wanted me to interview with them in the coming hour. I put on the most professional dress I owned, went to the agency, and the rest is history.

Since that summer so many years ago and since learning much about the industry, I have been delighted to become a part of the team at Independent Insurance Center, Inc. When I decided to reflect on my favorite things about this job, I didn’t find it difficult at all.

1) The Building

When you pull into the driveway of Independent Insurance Center, it’s hard to decide what is more noticeable: the 89 foot tall Dawn Redwood tree (one of the oldest and largest in the state) or the stately pillars of our building.

Large and painted a shining white, our building takes you right back to the 1800s. A lot of historic buildings are in disrepair, but not this one. Inside and out, the building is well cared for. Annual flowers bloom every spring and the flag of our beautiful country waves proudly daily.

As a history buff, I adore working in this kind of building. Rich with history and majestic in character (yes, I’m bragging). I am proud to have clients visit our office and I enjoy answering their questions about its nature.

2) Our Staff

I love the environment I work in. My boss is a great teacher and my fellow employees work hard for our customers every day! What more could I ask for?

Not many people can say that they like their boss. I am not one of them. Many people despise going to work every day and seeing those they work with. I am not one of them. At Independent Insurance Center, we are a team. From the moment a new policy is written to that policy’s very first renewal, our entire team works together with the customer in mind. We treat each other and our customers as we would want to be treated.

3) Continuing Education

Insurance is constantly changing which is great because I love to learn continually! As a licensed agent in the state of CT, I’m required to complete educational courses in order to keep my license in effect. During these classes or online courses (in-person courses are much more fun!), I’m kept informed about new laws in CT and changes within the insurance industry as well as having my general knowledge of insurance refreshed. I do actually enjoy this part and accept the fact that I am an insurance nerd!

4) The Challenge

A fun part of my job is the challenge of finding the right policy for each customer. No two customers are the same. Each will have different coverage needs. Some coverage needs can be challenging. Finding a policy for a customer who has a home with a 25-year-old roof, a netted trampoline, a German shepherd, and a new 16-year-old driver who had an auto accident last week is more difficult than you might think!

These are the kind of policies I have fun with. Being an independent agent, I have the ability to review underwriting guidelines with many companies in order to find the right one. Companies can be paired or mixed and matched. I would really hate to be limited to one option.

5) Clients Who Become Friends

Last but certainly not least, my customers bring me the most joy. Insurance is not just a stack of paper. Insurance is learning and listening to a client’s situation in order to serve them better. The process is more intimate than most people realize.

I get to know each customer over the course of days or weeks or months- however long they need. The questions I need to ask for insurance purposes soon turn into a conversation completely off the tracks and before I know it, I’m happily hearing about grandkids or recent vacations. Some of my clients are dog lovers like me, some are old souls like me, some love to laugh like me, and some are not like me at all. But we are all human and our very nature craves kindness and compassion. I have a great family and a handful of lifelong friends but I also have made friends and formed bonds through my work- I find this to be the most rewarding.

*All mentions of insurance coverage are only applicable or pertaining to the State of CT. This blog is not a substitute for knowledge of your personal or commercial insurance policies and all questions or concerns should be addressed directly with your insurance agent. No coverage can be confirmed unless discussed directly with a licensed agent in your state.

June 14, 2018 Independent Savvy