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An Open Letter to My Customers

Recently, I sat and thought about all of the wonderful people I’ve met during the course of my career.

My general thought was that my customers are REAL people with a story. People with families that they love and homes they have made their own. It made me want to speak from the heart about my customers and just how much I enjoy working with them and sharing the common ground of insurance.

To My First Customer

You were such an exciting concept to me as I entered this new world. Studying insurance material and gaining a license from the state could never teach me what you did and that was friendship. We were able to sit with one another over a cup of coffee and really talk.

I remember you well and I don’t expect I will forget you. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you.

To the Animal Lover

You and I could talk for hours if the work day would allow us. As a person who has “fur-babies”, like I do, you have endless stories to share with me that make me both laugh and cry. I love hearing about them and I will not stop wanting to hear about them.

And when the day is done, I run home to my own set of wagging tails and tippy-tappy feet.

To the One Who Laughs

I could not live without laughter and you make sure I get a taste of joy every single day. What is the work day without a touch of happiness? How could we bring life to what we do without the ability to have a light heart?

You help me to remember that it doesn’t have to be as serious as we accidentally make it. You make each phone call seem like fun and not work.

To the One Who Shares a Similar Past

We met one another because you needed insurance but you needed so much more than that. You needed an ear to listen and when I did, I was surprised to find we were the same.

We share a similar past, one with hurt and extreme difficulty. Most importantly, we can share a similar future, one of freedom and sunshine.

After one of the greatest hugs I’ve experienced (it’s probably in my top 5 favorite hugs of all time), you left our office and my day was brighter. You touched my heart like no other customer has and I am so thankful I can call you a friend.

To the Patient One

To the most understanding of customers, thank you.

Thank you for understanding that some things take time. Sometimes things happen that we cannot control. Thank you for being so kind when your new policy didn’t go as planned. Thank you for waiting for us as we gather all of the necessary policy details and information needed to make sure that your policy is being written properly. Thank you for working with us like the fellow human beings that we are.

Thank you for understanding that we will do everything we can until you are satisfied.

To the Long Lost Family Friend

Meeting a family friend from the 1960s is rare but you made it happen. How cool it was for me to sit with you and hear stories from a tiny town at the top of Maine where my grandmother is from. You knew my family and you shared the same, distinct French accent.

Who knew we’d connect one day over a simple home and auto insurance policy!

To the Car Enthusiast

That feeling you get when you hit the gas and your turbo takes the lead, yeah, I know the feeling! I love when I ask what kind of car you have and I know its a fast one. Or maybe it’s a classic. For many, I need to request a photo and I get to marvel at its beauty.

It’s great to hear how you’ve taken care of it over the years. No matter what you drive, we can all share in the thrill of the road!

To the Lovebirds

I have met many of you over the years and you always remind me that love does exist and it’s everywhere. I’ve spent collective hours on the phone with you, hearing about how you met your wife and how she brings out the better in you.

For others, I have heard how hard your husband works for your family. I’ve met with you in our conference room listened to how you both got a second chance at a happy marriage.

Thank you for the frequent reminder of the greatest gift of all.

To the U.S. Military Veteran and Active Duty

To every veteran that has walked through our doors or dials our number, I thank you for your service to our country and I will tell you in person.

We owe a great deal to you and those before you. You are appreciated and respected here.

To My Future Customer

I do not know you yet but I’m sure you’ll be calling any day now. And when you do, please know that I will do everything in my power to listen. I will not rush you or try to fit you into a small box. You are human, just as I am. You have concerns, questions, and a few things to say and I am eager to hear you. I’m happy to share what I know in hopes that it will make your life a little bit easier.

So, I will be here when you are ready. I’m very excited to get to know you.

Talk to you soon.



July 30, 2018 Independent Savvy