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Hannah lives in CT with her husband and two dogs, Shadow and Missy. She loves cheeseburgers with bacon and avocado and enjoys running on local trails. Hannah is a proud American, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and absolutely loves going to work every day. Hannah is an independent insurance agent at Independent Insurance Center, Inc. in Manchester, CT. She provides personal insurance such as home, auto, umbrella, watercraft, and motorcycle insurance.

Mini-Blog: How Independent Insurance Agencies Work

Are all insurance agents the same? Nope. It’s pretty common, after speaking with or meeting a future customer for the first time, that they do not realize how an independent agent works. After all, the only advertisements we see are for big-name companies with their funny reptiles and witty mascots. It’s easy to believe we all operate like the other. Offering “Great Rates” and claiming to be “#1 in Connecticut”… Continue reading

August 13, 2018 Independent Savvy

An Open Letter to My Customers

Recently, I sat and thought about all of the wonderful people I’ve met during the course of my career. My general thought was that my customers are REAL people with a story. People with families that they love and homes they have made their own. It made me want to speak from the heart about my customers and just how much I enjoy working with them and sharing the common ground of insurance… Continue reading

July 30, 2018 Independent Savvy

Keeping Pets Safe During Firework Season

If you are lucky enough to have a pet, you have experienced true loyalty and unconditional love. Our pets trust and rely on us to keep them safe, especially when we as humans are doing things that they don’t quite understand. Large parties, loud noises, and thumping music can cause them to become anxious and confused. One of my dogs tends to go off to a quiet room by himself to get away from the commotion!… Continue reading

June 29, 2018 Independent Savvy
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